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Installations in Delphi, Lafayette & the Surrounding Areas

Power is not always reliable in Delphi, IN. A standby generator makes a huge difference in the security of your home and the comfort of your family when the power goes out. At Unique Heating & Cooling we are ready to take care of your standby generator from installation to service to repair, your stand-by power supply system is in good hands.

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Sometimes we don't realize how much we use electricity in our fast paced day-to-day lives until it goes out - then we're at a standstill. A permanently installed home backup generator protects your home or business. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel, and sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit. Our backup generators provide power to your home in the event of a power outage automatically. No need to start it. No need for extension cords. No need to fill it with gas.

Automatic Stand-by Generators

When utility power is lost, the generator automatically detects a power outage and delivers backup power to your home within seconds. You have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered regardless of incoming power status.

When utility power is restored, your generator automatically returns to standby mode.

We Feature Generac® Generators

Generac® is the number one name in home back-up generators. A back-up generator system will provide decades of peace of mind and security from our fierce winter storms. At Unique Heating & Cooling, our trained professionals will evaluate your application and determine the proper size and system type to meet your electrical requirements and budget.

Generac Generators

Generac Generators

Generac Generators

we carry Generac Generators

  • Standby generator service, repair, and installations.

Stand-by Generator Maintenance and Service

We offer both repair and maintenance of all current brands of back-up generators. Unique Heating & Cooling installs Generac stand-by generators.

We also offer scheduled maintenance for stand-by generators. Regular routine maintenance both assures proper reliable operation, and extends the life of your emergency power system. Typical maintenance steps include:

  • We'll inspect your entire system looking for any indicators of problems.
  • Oil and filter. We'll change both your oil and filter.
  • Air filters. We'll replace the air filter with a new one.
  • Spark plugs. We'll inspect your ignition system and spark plugs, and can replace them if necessary.
  • Run test: We'll perform a complete run test of your back-up power system to ensure that you're ready of any upcoming power loss.

About Unique Heating and Cooling

At Unique Heating and Cooling, we are a family owned local company. All of our technicians are licensed and insured. We're serious about training:

Licensed and Insured: Unique Heating and Cooling holds Indiana Plumbing License #PC89100302.

EPA Refrigerant Certification: The US Environmental Protection Agency requires that all service techs installing or repairing refrigeration systems be EPA Certified. All of our service techs are EPA certified.

Delphi, IN Better Business Bureau: We are proud to have earn an A+ rating for our local Better Business Bureau.

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